Our Culture

Har-Ber High School Mission:

Empowering students through personalized education. 

SLC Vision- Har-Ber High School:

To meet the learning needs for ALL students so they may achieve their goals directly out of high school or after college. 

HBHS Fight Song

Look out here come the Wildcats

The pride of Har-Ber High

Protect the blue with strength and honor

Fight with all your might

So let them hear our voices

As we declare our creed

We hear the call and stand up tall

for Wildcat Victory


Alma Mater

We salute the Beacon of the West

to all our sons and daughters

The Wildcats will pass every test

with victory and honor.

Har-Ber High, our praise be thine.

May your name forever shine.

To our school, we will be ever true

And through the years

support the Har-Ber Blue.