Contacting Colleges

Information and Tips

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Getting Started

Navigating your college search....

  • Begin by checking out a variety of college websites

  • Call or email your questions the contacts on the website

    • TIP: Create a permanent and professional email address to use exclusively for your college and scholarship process.

  • Schedule a campus visit (highly recommended)

Questions about your specific college choices? Try to find the answers on their website before you visit. Take a list of any additional questions to ask while you are there.

Campus Visit Checklist

Meet with an admissions officer.

Verify admissions requirements.

Confirm the recommended application procedure.

Obtain a college catalog and school calendar.

Ask questions about academic requirements and offerings.

Discuss your chances for success in your chosen major.

Haven't selected a major? Find out about career planning services for undergrads.

Ask about their placement record for graduates in your intended major.

Tour the campus. Check out the academic buildings, dining halls, library, dorms, health center, book store, etc.

Visit the Financial Aid office. Determine college costs.

Ask about financial aid opportunities, deadlines, required forms, etc.

Meet with faculty in your chosen major/department.

Attend a class if possible, to get an idea of the academic atmosphere.

Talk to college students you meet about the academic environment and the recommended amount of study necessary for success.

Inquire about student activities, organizations, intramural sports, etc. and campus life in terms of social activities.

Investigate campus safety, parking, and transportation option.

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Visiting College Campuses

Each Junior/Senior is allowed 2 college campus visits during the school year.

Provide official documents from the school you visit (ex. letter from staff, document showing your scheduled visit, etc). Scan and email your documents to

Failure to provide proper documentation may result in an unexcused absence.