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Websites dedicated to finding money for college are linked here. For more information on financial aid and how to apply, please visit the Financial Aid Information page.



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This site contains links to colleges, financial aid, scholarships, ACT/SAT, military, athletic recruitment, college checklists, education sites, tutorial advice, and spam free student and parent newsletters. Springdale Counselors highly recommend this resource.

Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship

Application available Deadline July 1. Qualifications: Must have ACT Composite of 19 or equivalent test score, must be Arkansas resident, and must submit the FAFSA.

Award winning financial aid website: comprehensive, informative, and objective

College planning and scholarship search for Arkansas students.

QuestBridge National College Match connects academically outstanding high school seniors from low-income backgrounds with full four-year scholarships - worth over $200,000 each - to the nation's leading colleges.

State Scholarships

SAMS: State of Arkansas Scholarship Management System

  1. Students should use a personal email when applying. They will email you beyond high school from the state scholarship office to send award notices.

  2. SuperScore- ACT sends the Division of Higher Ed the superscores as calculated by ACT. According to their website, they will round to the nearest whole number. Click here for a cheat sheet for calculating SuperScores

  3. Click the button below to open the website

Governor’s Distinguished Scholarship- $10,000 per year

  1. The deadline to apply is February 1, 2023.

  2. Scholarships will be awarded by April 15, 2023. This is in direct response to your requests so these students may be recognized in time for graduation events.

Arkansas Academic Challenge (Lottery) Scholarship- up to $14,000 for a 4-year in-state college

  1. The deadline to apply is July 1, 2023.

  2. If students are applying for the Challenge and they are EXPECTING to get a 19, they may select they HAVE earned a 19 on the pre-screen question. We will verify before distribution.

  3. If students take the Accuplacer, they must have a 246 average score to qualify for Challenge. The pre-screen question (similar to the question #2) should be adjusted for the New Generation Accuplacer. Again, we will verify before awarding.

  4. Students who have 27 hours when they graduate from high school are able to apply for the sophomore award level and forfeit their freshman award. The form will be provided on YOUniversal by next June