Local 'One App' Scholarships

Available Feb 1st - April 1st


April 1- Applications and ALL requested attachments must be submitted to the Har-Ber Counseling Center by 4:00 pm.


~Each scholarship is reviewed by their own committee, therefore, you will submit an application for EACH one of the local scholarships you are applying for.

~Review this >> LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP LIST, download and save it.

~SCROLL down the page to read the Guideline Pages. Click on the title of each scholarship, read the details, and decide which one(s) you will apply for.

~You MUST read & follow all directions on each scholarship.


  1. >>Local Scholarship Application, is typeable. DOWNLOAD & SAVE BEFORE typing in your information!!! You will complete this form ONE time, then Save it again!

  2. PRINT (or make) a copy for each scholarship (for example, IF YOU ARE APPLYING FOR 10 SCHOLARSHIPS, PRINT (OR MAKE) 10 COPIES).

*Chromebook users: in order to save your completed application, hit the print button and change settings to "save as PDF". You may need to email it to someone who can print it for you.

  1. Print a copy of LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP LIST for each scholarship, marking the name of the scholarship as the cover page for each application.

  1. Also Include:

(a) Personal Cover letter. (typed 1/2 to 1 page: introduce yourself, your future goals, highlights of some of your experiences or skills, etc.)

(b) Transcript- You can print your transcript from HAC, email your counselor, or request a copy from the counseling office.

(c) ACT scores- print out scores from your ACT account.

>>​PLEASE NOTE<< Local scholarships do NOT require a "sealed official" transcript and test scores.

(d) IF required: essay, letter of recommendation or teacher rating forms. (read each scholarship guideline carefully)


IN THIS ORDER, staple or paper clip each application securely. DO NOT fold or submit in envelopes:

  1. Local scholarship list: include name, school and mark the scholarship;

  2. Personal Cover letter

  3. Local Scholarship Application (complete all 4 pages and type or sign your name at the end of the last page)

  4. Transcript

  5. ACT scores

  6. Essays, letters of recommendation, teacher forms, other attachments


Applications and ALL requested attachments must be SUBMITTED to the Har-Ber Counseling Center by April 1, 4:00 P.M..


Guidelines Pages- Please read this section before continuing!

  1. Click on each title.

  2. Read the eligibility requirements.

  3. See what attachments are required for each scholarship.

  4. Submit the Local Scholarship application for each you apply for.

  5. Do not to submit these Guideline pages as part of your application.

Bernice Young Elementary Scholarship--$500 scholarship. Must have attended Bernice Young Elementary. Attach an essay about the importance of early learning in elementary school. The essay could include a special memory or learning experience that occurred while a student at Bernice Young Elementary School.

Carroll Electric Cooperative Corporation Scholarship--$500 scholarship. Selection based on financial need, scholastic rank and participation in extra-curricular activities. Preference will be given to those whose parents or legal guardians receive service from Carroll Electric. Write "Carroll Electric Member" at the top of your application if your family's electricity service is through Carroll Electric

Central Junior High Alumni Scholarship- $500 1. Use the district common application and 2. attach a typed essay of approximately 500 words (DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE PAGE.) Answer the following: *Write about an experience you had while attending Central Jr. High School and explain how it has influenced you.

Elmdale Elementary Scholarship- $500 scholarship- Applicants must include a current transcript and an essay on: Why do you think you deserve this scholarship?" The criteria may include demonstrated leadership, community involvement, and character. Applicants may be interviewed. Applicants must be on track for graduation from HBHS and enrollment in a 4-year or 2-year college.

George Elementary School Spencer Colvin Memorial Scholarship- $500 scholarship. Must have attended George Elementary. Must attach required two- short answer questions: 1. Why do you deserve this scholarship? 2. Is there a teacher or staff member at George who had a positive impact on you? If so, who and how did they?

Hannah Grace Crumby Memorial Scholarship-$500 non-renewable scholarship

Harp Elementary School Linda Childers Knapp Scholarship--$1000 --Must graduate from SHS or HBHS and plan to pursue a college or vocational school. Must have attended Harp Elementary their entire 5th grade year. Attach an essay: In a typed paragraph, pick an experience from your life and briefly explain how it has influenced your development.

Helen Tyson Middle School Graduate Scholarship- $250 scholarship. Must be a graduate of Helen Tyson Middle School. Attach essay of 500 words describing how time at HTMS and / or a teacher at HTMS impacted your academic career and choice to further your education.

Hellstern Middle School Graduate Scholarship- $500 scholarship awarded to support a graduate of SHS or HBHS to pursue a degree at a university or vocational school. Must be a graduate of Hellstern Middle School. Attach Essay of at least 500 words describing how time at HMS and / or a teacher at HMS impacted your academic career and choice to further your education.

JB Hunt Elementary School Scholarship-$1000 scholarship. Requirements: Must have attended JB Hunt Elementary School, have a minimum 3.0 GPA & plan to enroll in post-secondary education. The application requires two teacher recommendations, one of them a teacher at Hunt and must be submitted by March 31. (see the Scholarship Rater form- attached). Include your personal essay with your application.

Jones Elementary Scholarship- $500 provides financial support to a student who attended Jones Elementary for at least one year and who is a graduate of an accredited High School in Springdale.

Robert Boatright/SSNA (Springdale Schools Nutrition Assoc.) Scholarship--$250 or $500 scholarship, depending on available funds, to help a deserving student continue their education. Qualified applicants must be graduating seniors at a high school in Springdale and plan on enrolling at a university / college / or vocational school. Criteria may include academic performance, financial need, unusual circumstances, volunteering, work experience, or extracurricular activities.

Shaw Elementary Patti Brigman Memorial Scholarship- $1000. Must be an alumni of Shaw Elementary and HBHS grad enrolling in an Arkansas college. Attach a 300-500 word essay on how you have been, are, and will continue to be "A Shining Star" in our world.

Springdale Benevolent Foundation Scholarship- $1000 year / renewable. Must pursue a degree in Agriculture, required 2 letters of rec and a 250 word essay on why you want to pursue an Agri related career.

Springdale Education Association Scholarship--$350 scholarship. Must be pursuing post-secondary education in Education or Education related field at a university or vocational school in Arkansas.

T.G. Smith PTA Alumni Scholarship--$500 scholarship. Must have attended T.G. Smith for a minimum of 4 years. Must enroll at a university, college, or vocational school. Selection criteria may include academic performance, financial need, unusual circumstances, volunteer work, or extracurricular activities.

John Tyson Elementary "Tyson Tiger" Scholarship--$250 scholarship. Due March 31. Awarded to a former John Tyson Elementary student to further their education at a university or vocational school. Attach a cover letter about yourself including information regarding the number of years you attended John Tyson.

Walker Elementary - Fratzke/Mabry Scholarship-- Either (1) $1000 scholarship or a $500 scholarship to each of 2 students. Must have attended Walker Elementary. Attach a short essay with information about your years attending Walker and information regarding your parent's involvement.

Whitlock Ortho Dental Scholarship- $500 scholarship-Must be pursuing post secondary education in the Dental field, specifically as a Dentist, Orthodontist, or Dental Hygienist. Must enroll full time in a university or college; no vocational programs.

Separate applications below- also due by April 1 to the HBHS Counseling Center

Har-Ber PTSO $500, non-renewable- awarded to a Har-Ber graduate to be used for post-secondary education at a 2 or 4 year college, vocational school or trade related apprenticeship. NEW APPLICATION HERE!!

Springdale Kiwanis Scholarship-$2000 one-time award. Must be a high school graduate of Springdale School District. Factors include Financial need, academic performance (GPA and ACT), and involvement in school and community, with emphasis on Kiwanis Key Club. Eligibility standards include Achievement, Motivation, Educational Objective, Financial Need, and Community Involvement. Attach a separate page discussing your educational goals and objectives. Submit two letters of recommendation from teachers. Deadline April 1 to the HBHS Counseling Center.

NWA AAPI Scholarship- *scholarship is open to all students regardless of heritage or ethnicity. Need-based scholarship in the amount of $1,000. Applicant must be: a senior with a 3.5 or higher GPA. Must write a paragraph on 500 words or less describing his or her community service and leadership skills. Must include (up to 3) letters of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or school official documenting community service and leadership skills. Must include an official transcript and proof of annual income. (Sponsored by the NWA American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, but scholarship is open to all student regardless of heritage.) Deadline April 1 to the HBHS Counseling Center.