Har-Ber High School sophomore to represent Arkansas

Sophomore Lillian Claybrook of Har-Ber High School has been selected to represent Arkansas at the FBI Youth Leadership Program.

Only 62 students are selected to participate in the program annually, according to Alonna Clark, Har-Ber High School counselor.

Program participants are rising high school sophomores or juniors who are 14-16 years old, according to the program's website. Applicants must demonstrate high academic standards and good citizenship on their initial application to be considered for the program.

The program is designed to offer lifelong enrichment opportunities in support of students' drive for knowledge and their desire to make a difference in the world, according to the website. Coursework and classroom instruction focus on issues faced by the youth and provide tools to enhance individual core talents.

Course topics and experiences include leadership fundamentals; fitness, nutrition and resiliency; time management; bad leadership; business leadership; ethical leadership; values and choices; social media and internet survival; managing change; meeting with new agents; firearms training demonstrations; field trips; and financial literacy.

"I'm not sure if any previous Har-Ber students have attended the program, but it would be a great opportunity for any student in the future," Clark said.

Annual participants represent more than 40 states and four countries, according to the website. There is no cost to participate in the Youth Leadership Program.

Applications for program participation may be filed through regional program chapter coordinators. Identify your chapter here.

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